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Suzanna Massingue  

Fellowship student

I am a Senior Consultant in WSP’s Future Mobility team, with a keen interest in human-centered design as a means of ensuring equitable access to mobility. I hold a BSc in Geography with Business Management at Queen Mary, University of London, and an MSc in Transport and City Planning at University College London. My master’s dissertation explored issues of transport (in)equality in Maputo. This research became the basis of my recently published paper, Walkability and the Right to the city: A snapshot critique of pedestrian space in Maputo, Mozambique, which I co-authored with Daniel Oviedo. 


Yuto Miwa

Fellowship student

I am an MSc student in Social Development Practice at Development Planning Unit, University College London (UCL). I hold a BSc in Human Sciences (specialized in international development) from Osaka University (2020). My interest is in public infrastructures and socioeconomic dynamics in informal settlements in urban cities. I am currently working on my MSc dissertation, “Walkability and Informal Economic Activities: Relationships between walking environment and street vending in an informal settlement in Accra”. 


Naoko Yamada

Associate Researcher

Having originally graduated from Art of International Relations, I am currently reading Urban Development Planning at the Bartlett DPU, University College London. I have 7 years of experience in international development agencies, and my subsequent work has predominantly focused on financing a range of infrastructure projects including the transport sector. My current research interests relate to exploring a pathway to create an inclusive city for poor and marginalized groups in sub-Saharan African cities in terms of Right to the City and walkability.


Yanzi Ning

Fellowship student

I am an MSc student in Health in Urban Development at Development Planning Unit, University College London (UCL). I hold a BM in Information Management and Information Systems (Big Data and Business Analytics). I have studied systematically on big data based computer applications and am able to work with java, python language for data analysis and visualisation. In China, I have been involved in a number of related studies. As a member of the Walking Cities Lab, I am currently researching the well-being of walking residents of walking cities in the context of rapid urbanisation. 


Qingya Cheng

Fellowship student

I am an MSc Student on Urban and Economic Development at the DPU - UCL, based in China. I hold a BSc with a focus on quantitative analysis and a BM with a focus on land economics and spatial analysis. My main interest relies on the inequality faced by informal communities, the future of cities, and  the use of quantitative and visual research methods.

Wilda Mazidaturrizka

Fellowship student

I am an early career researcher with experiences in socio-environmental development, inclusivity and sustainability studies. My academic background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Regional and Urban Planning and an MSc in Social Development Practice. My passion for researching inclusive mobility and transport has grown since my internship at ITDP, and it further developed through the course in Transport Equity and Urban Mobility as part of my master's study at UCL. I continue to be actively engaged in research on walking the (un)walkable cities in Freetown as an effort to contribute to creating a more livable environment.

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